Independent Dorset Posters

In our first seminar we were given the task of creating a poster to promote ‘An Independent Dorset’. We were put in groups and started our research on Dorset…


The signs about Dorset that we got from putting our heads together were as above, we drew random sketches to go with our ideas just to simply put our ideas into visual signs. We thought about numerous things we associate with Dorset , such as the Cerne Abbas Giant, Pirates, Old Castles, UFO sightings and Lord of the Rings.(And of course Rainbows for the very indecisive weather!)

We then thought about which elements we could put together to create a poster which will entice an audience to engage with and also to get our point across about Dorset being better off independent.


Above is the poster idea we created. Our idea was for it to be eye catching and to suit our target audience of students, therefore using humour in our approach. The UFO is ‘beaming’ on the giant, urging the audience to open their minds to the views and beliefs of others. Our slogan of ‘Believe in an Independent Dorset’ is simply a play on words about believing in UFO’s and also believing in the community of Dorset and how it would work by being independent.

We will be getting feedback from our peers on our posters in the next seminar.


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