Feedback on poster & Final Poster(s)

Our feedback from our draft poster was very positive, our seminar liked it because it was different yet simple although it was only just a drawn version and not digital like the other groups. The feedback was:

  • Our slogan is strong
  • It is humorous without swaying from the main subject
  • It has clever elements of intertextuality
  • Simple and gets the message across

From our feedback we went away and made the poster digital:


Although we did really like this idea, we thought it looked a bit crazy and out there, so we decided to make another poster a bit more ‘sane’ in case the audience did not engage with the first one was well as we had hoped.


We got our inspiration for this poster from the Independent Scotland campaigns, but we still wanted to incorporate the Cerne Abbas so we made that like a logo. The grass is to signify the vast countryside which makes it such a beautiful place.

Our next task is to chose where to put it in the foyer for optimum audience activity.


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