Audience Research

As our posters are to be displayed in the foyer of Weymouth House, we went to research it as a public space. We looked at the space itself – the furnishing, the things already up on the walls, the screens, the props, Costa, etc. We then looked at the people there and how they engaged with the space, we looked at gender, age, groups or individual, the movement through the space, and which areas are the most popular.


We concluded from our research that the majority of the population are either walking straight through the space to get to the lifts and stairs, or are queueing for Costa. It is normally individuals walking through or groups of people sat on the sofas and chairs, but they are engaging with each other rather than the space and visuals around them.

From this, we decided it would be best to put our posters either on the pillar in the middle of Costa which is eye level and straight to most of the people queueing, or to put it in between the two lifts as a lot of people have to wait a while for the lifts so would therefore look forward at it.




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