Processing Research – Spirograph

After some of the language we have learnt in processing making examples being very similar to looking like a spirograph, I wanted to search to see if I could find a code to make one myself. The first one I came across was by Sam Brenner, it was very different to what I was expecting to find when I was searching, but I was fascinated by it nonetheless. Try it out:

It is interactive in a way that every pixel is a different element of the spirograph and when the mouse is moved onto each pixel it changes in a fluid movement. I am intrigued in the use of colour in this example and I also feel it links well with the concept of abstraction which I am going to research into further as an idea to find inspiration for my final outcome. I also like the idea of linking abstraction with science and maths to create something that you would maybe not associate with arts and design.

The webpage shows the coding used to create the spirograph, and it actually has very little coding involved, however it includes trigonometry which we have not yet been taught which makes it look more complicated than it probably is. I am going to learn more language to do with maths and physics so I am able to do more advanced and different codes.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.26.02




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