Abstraction is the “freedom from representational qualities in art”.

Throughout all of my work during A-level and even GCSE I have always been interested in the concept of abstraction in relation to art and design. Within this concept I am very intrigued by the use of color, flow and movement. One of my favourite photographers who uses abstraction well is Alberto Sevesso, he plays with ink underwater and the movement and shapes it creates.


For my A-Level photography I took inspiration from photographers like Sevesso and completed my own photoshoots using ink and water for a topic of ‘Submerged’.


DSC_0521EDITFrom looking back on these images it has given me ideas for my final project – could I simulate the fluid movement of the ink in water to create an interactive design? I researched ‘fluid simulation’ on open processing and I came across a designer called Thomas Diewald who has made a simulation for the movement of fluidity and has his codes available to access – http://thomasdiewald.com/blog/?p=95. The outcome of his simulation looks like this:


Further research brought me to looking at other fluid simulations and movements, not just colour ink simulations. I looked at another designer Memo Akten, his work is highly interactive and very inspiring. His work ‘MSAFluid’ caught my eye the most, this particular design is interactively controlled by an iPhone.

I am aware that simulating this kind of movement is very tricky and requires quite a lot of coding, but I am going to keep researching to find inspiration for an interactive design that would be more achievable. The idea of having more of an installation to interact with rather than simply something happening on a screen interests me and I am going to do some more research into this.



Sevesso, A. http://burdu976.com



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