Media spaces and mediating interaction

There are many different ways of looking at media spaces and the ways that audiences use spaces, but essentially most spaces are mediated, changed and controlled to make audiences do thinks in a certain way. Some great examples – Ikea:

ikeaThe shoppers are almost forced around the path that Ikea have created for them, making them look through all the different room layouts and showcasing all of the products, before descending to the warehouse to actually find the products to buy and make their purchases. It is almost like a narrative or program that shoppers are made to go through to complete the story or journey. James Tozer for the Daily Mail online explained Ikea as being “designed like a maze” so that the “shoppers find it hard to escape from”.

This idea that media spaces are controlled for efficiency is noticeable in many environments – domestic environments – the way that houses and gardens are laid out for example, or children’s playgrounds – like there is a set way in which the user is meant to implement the park, starting with the ladder followed by the monkey bars then finally the slide or firemans pole to get back down to the ground.


A digital example of mediating interaction is the medium of augmented reality. The technology uses the users natural environment around them and adds in digital images and displays, like mediating the users reality. “Augmented Reality is designed to blur the line between the reality the user is experiencing, and the content provided by technology” (Educause, 2005), so although it is imposing on the users reality, the user has chosen to engage with this kind of medium so it is not in a negative way that it is imposing, it could be seen as more of an escape from reality for the user.

For this project our final designs will be going in the space of the foyer in the Media School building, so I need to study and learn the patterns of the space well to know where will be best for my outcome to be positioned. From what I already know of the space, it is a very simple pattern of people walking almost straight through just to go to a class, so I need something that will catch attention and draw people in.


Educause, 2005. 7 Things You Should Know About Augmented Reality [online]. Educause. Available from: [Accessed 23 December 2014].

Tozer, J. 2011. Why shoppers find it so hard to escape from Ikea: Flatpack furniture stores are ‘designed just like a maze’ [online]. Available from: [21st November 2014].


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