Media Spaces – The Science Museum

image-3 image-4 image-5 image-6 image-2 image-9image-7 image-8 image

We went on a course trip to the science museum, to study about media spaces and they way they use interaction to engage the audiences. Above is a small gallery of images I took when in the museum of places that I felt best represented the interaction and use of space.

The first image is of a piece to do with the internet and texting, it had a video on the screen about people texting and using the internet. The following two images are of an interactive piece revolving around the idea of profiles. The audience user was able to text in to the number and their phone would then be linked to the screen momentarily, it is able to access non personal data from your phone such as the usage and storage, or the games that are in use. I found this space very interesting as it is linking the idea of individuals interacting with their personal spaces of their mobile phone and making it part of the public space for the audiences to see and also use. I like this use of audiences interaction and would love to be able to incorporate this into my final idea, the use of texting can make it quite complicated but I would like to find other ways of having user interaction that requires the audience do fully participate for something to work/happen. Lorenic et al (2010) state that “designers have generally used moving image technology to push the exhibition in two directions; the large scale spectacle and the immersive environment”, the main element I am mainly interested in is the immersive environment; as this is when the user is fully surrounded and contained within the design.

Images 6 and 8 are both from the ‘Launchpad’ part of the museum which I personally found the most interesting, as every element in the room was fully interactive and immersive for the audience, but also highly educational. Image 6 is of small chemical rocks reacting with a liquid and creating smoke, but the audience could control it by blowing in the gap between the glass. This is the kind of interaction I would love to create in my interactive project, with the audience learning something as well as it being fun.

The science museum was a great trip, helping me to explore interaction further and give me more ideas into what I would like to do for my final project. See my Interactive Design Ideas post for my ideas so far.


Lorenic, J., Skolnick, L. and Berger, C. 2010. What is Exhibition Design? [online]. RotoVision, Switzerland. Available from: [30th November 2014].

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