Black to white

In Processing we learnt how to code a basic camera interaction design, which when the background of the capture screen is dim, the screen would be black, and when the background changed to bright, the colour on screen would then turn to white. We were also set the task to change it so that the opposite happened, the video is of it in action and I selected to show the code below as this is the part that determines the shade.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.40.43

This is a good way to start leaning about camera interaction as it is not too complicated but many ideas can be built from it. Although it only requires a low level of interaction from the user and gives very little back, the idea it gives can stem many other simple ideas from it that may require a higher level of interaction, such as when a user walks across or into the camera, there could be bars of colour that change according to what they are wearing and where they are on screen.


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