LED’s – Possible Solution

The main idea I wanted to portray through my work, is the idea of the audience creating an interesting visual through the use of a sensor. As I had not created this idea through my first attempt use of ferrofluid I thought hard about what other ways I could create a visual without using such technical equipment where things could go wrong. So I had a thought for a possible solution – using the same frame on the motor but replace the magnets with LED’s, so it would be the same concept as I would have used with the ferrofluid but with light instead of ferrofluid spikes. The closer someone is to the sensor the faster the motor spins, therefore giving different lighting effects. I had to do this at home as I had control over the lights so I could film it in the dark, I do not have the control over the lights in the foyer of Weymouth House so it would not be as effective as if I did it at home. I asked my friend to walk backwards and forwards within the space to see the difference in speeds. I had a worry that the sensor would not pick up information in the dark but it still worked and I got the results I had intended. I attached batteries with wires to the wooden sticks, and then just added in the LED’s to the end of the wires.


I am pleased that I managed to come up with a different solution so quickly, and that it is an interesting visual but still using the same Arduino set-up. This meant I did not have to alter any code or any of the wiring which I would have had to if I had changed to a stronger motor.

My next task: I ordered some weaker magnets to try and see if they will work better with the motor and the ferrofluid like before, but without the motor getting stuck.



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