Initial Ideas

29Here is a list of my initial ideas of what I could create using binaural audio:

  • 360º video recording of live event
  • Create a VR scene
  • Light show with 360º sound effects (in connection with my dissertation)
  • Motivational in ear speaking while doing exercise
  • Audio for a theatre performance/film screening

In my spare time I enjoy going to music concerts, therefore one of my initial ideas for this project was to make an immersive virtual experience of a music concert. This would include filming the concert on a 360º camera, as well as recording the audio binaurally. The video would then be put inside a VR headset and the audio would be listened to through headphones. The idea would be to give the illusion that the user is at the concert, rather than in their existing environment.


A second idea I had was to create my own VR scene, for the Oculus Rift. The VR scene could be anything from a beach scene to a woodland scene as long as it can include various sound effects that would surround the user. These could include birds or aeroplanes flying overhead, waves crashing, leaves rustling and people talking, giving the effect that the user is in the environment. The audio for this would be created using various sound effects, then using an audio-editing software such as Adobe Audition, I would change the volume levels of each clip for the two different channels to give the illusion of the sound effects surrounding the user in 360º.

Another thing I like to do in my spare time is going to the gym, which was an influence of another idea. Though using binaural audio, I thought I could simulate the personal trainer/instructor experience. Some people may find it daunting/intimidating and even expensive to book a personal trainer, so my idea would be to have the sound of someone telling you what to do. This would play alongside motivational music and would be tailored to which sport you were participating in. The sound of the trainer would only be from the rear 180º as it would not feel realistic if the sound was being heard from in front of the user but there was no one there. The idea of this is to motivate the user either at home or in the gym, without the pressure and expense of getting a personal trainer/instructor or booking into a group class which may intimidate some people.

A final idea is to put the technology of binaural audio to use within a theatre or cinema environment. In my opinion, the overall experience of the theatre or cinema could be greatly heightened if the audience could listen binaurally, especially in the use of 3D cinema where part of the immersive experience is there with the glasses.

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