Idea Progression

Whilst writing and creating my dissertation, I found a real enjoyment in exploring the relationship between audio and light, which gave me a new idea for my final project – Immersive Music Visualisation. Live music and the visuals that go hand-in-hand with it have always been of a real interest of mine, so to be able to create my own but for an individual audience in an immersive environment is something that really excites me. This will be something that I am going to be passionate about, because it is something that I love watching and would love to be a part of creating.

I started to explore After Effects more and the Trapcode plugin to create some initial audio-reactive visuals. Using the Trapcode Form plugin, I created the following visuals:

Due to the amount of detail in this, it takes a while to render, therefore for demonstration purposes I have only rendered out a small clip of it. I really like this technique as it is liquid like, but at the same time if the colour were to be changed to shades of orange, it could be like fire. This is what fascinates me so much about After Effects and the Trapcode plugin – the versatility and the range out outcomes that can be created. I will explore other techniques and other elements of Trapcode to display this versatilit040

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