Immersive Ideas

Although slightly moving away from the idea of Binaural Audio, I am still wanting my project to be immersive for an audience. Therefore I have come up with two different ideas of how I can make an immersive music-visualisation experience. The first idea being a cylindrical projection:

Cylindrical projection:
This would involve projecting visuals onto a cylindrical surface. This would be something the audience would step into, and the visuals would surround them almost 360˚ (excluding the entrance way). The audience would also listen to the music via headphones; I then intent to edit the music so various different parts of the song play through the left and right channels, so the music sounds like it is surrounding them. The idea of this is to give a live immersive music experience for a user, much like being at a concert where visuals are displayed alongside the audio, except it is an individual experience rather than a group/crowd experience.
When I first thought of the idea I drew some initial (very rough) sketches as to what I intend the space to look like:



From this I then did my own mock up, using an screenshot from the visuals I have previously created.


This image shows the user/audience in the middle of the projection, wearing headphones, and the visuals surrounding them.

Virtual Reality: 
A second idea I had is to put the audio-visualisation into a virtual reality headset, so that the visuals would surround the user, creating an immersive audio-visual experience. With this method, I would have to map the audio to the 3D environment, so that when the user looks either left or right, the audio correlates to where they are looking, this can be done in Unity. The main premise of the visuals would be the main visuals in the middle (straight ahead), then when the user looks to the left or right, they are presented with the visuals matching to the audio that is coming out of the specific channel. The space all around will be filled with much smaller particles that will still be affected by the music.
I have done a mock up of how this would look inside the VR headset:


The mixed audio channels would be presented in the middle, and when the user would look either left or right, they would be able to see the visualisation of the specific left or right channel.

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