Music Visualisation

Music Visualisation is usually real-time generated visuals. They are generated to synchronise with music/audio, and are often either used for music videos, or for use in live music performances. My idea is to combine the live performance use of music visualisation, with an immersive and individual environment. Visuals are used very often in live music performances, and more often than not, are synchronized to the various characteristics of the music. This can either be through the use of lighting and lasers, or projected/screen based visuals. Many people have explored why synchronised visualisation is used in live music performances; Marco Filipe Ganança Vieira (2012) explains that through music visualisation, it is possible to get a “better understanding about the music feelings constructing an intensive atmosphere in the live music performance, which enhances the connection between the live music and the audience through visuals”. In a sense, the visuals anchor the music, and help portray the various sense of emotions that can be expressed through the music. For my project, I intent to create various different visuals, which will correlate to a range of different music genres, and therefore will express each song in a varied way.

Here are some examples of music visualisation:


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