Cylindrical Projection

Cylindrical projection is when an image/video is projected into the inside of a large-scale cylinder to give the effect of immersion to the audience/user when they step inside. The image below has been taken from the website of a the tech company Ricoh who have already explored and experimented with cylindrical projection. As they display in their diagram, they use 6 short-throw projectors to be able to project the image. The images simply have to be calibrated together to be aligned with the next projection along.




The second image is how the final projection looks in the space, with the projectors on the floor projecting onto the cylinder, and the space for the audience to stand in the middle. I hope to use this or a similar technique for my final project, therefore my next task will be to test out using projectors on rounded surfaces, and to possibly make a small-scale model to test on.


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