Iterative Process

As part of my project, I will be using the iterative process to develop and evolve my designs and visuals. The iterative process is about repeated cycles, every cycle evolving and refining each time. The way each cycle evolves is from testing and evaluating the product/project at the end of a cycle, then the “results of…every cycle are incorporated into the design focus of the next cycle” (Harris, A. 2015).

There are many benefits of using the iterative design process; as Harris (2015) explains;

  • “You are able to make informed decisions backed up by evidence” – the tests and evaluation at the end of each cycle will give plenty of evidence for change/improvement on the next cycle
  • “It saves you time, energy, and money in the long run” – because you are not having to make changes once the product has gone live
  • “It helps you and your team stay creative” – there is a lot of room for experimentation as these can happen near the start of the project, then if something does not work, it can be changed in the next cycle



Harris, A. (2015) Perfect your Website with Iterative Website design. Available at: (Accessed: 23 November 2016).

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