Analema Group – KIMA

After recently attending a workshop with Oliver Gingrich from Analema Group (, I was really inspired by the work that the group produces and how their work fits into my own project. Drawing on my recent research of Cymatics as well as audio-visualisation, the group have a project called KIMA which stems from research of Cymatics – they describe the works as “Music for your eyes and ears.”

Their installations have been displayed at Incloodu Deaf Arts festival, whereby the audience can feel the vibrations of sound through the bench they sit on, and they can see the cymatic visuals displayed via projection.


I can see many similarities in the work Analema Group produce, and the ideas I have for my final project. KIMA focuses on sounds and how they are represented in a visual format, as well as a lot of their installations being interactive, therefore I will be taking inspiration from Analema for my work as I can see how their work has evolved over time with the feedback they have from events, and the use of new technologies.

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