Curved Surface Projection

The company Projection Artworks recreated a large-scale version of the famous Faberge eggs for a Harrods window display, using a model and projection mapping. They used 16 projectors and stitched the images together to cover the entire surface of the sculpture. Their task was particularly tricky as they wanted the projection to be viewable in daylight, meaning the brightness of the image had to be a lot greater than it would have been in darkness.

In relation to my project, this shows the amount of projectors that are needed to project onto a round surface, so although I’m sure I wont need 16, I am going to need at least 3/4 to cover the surface area of an almost 360˚ cylinder. My next stage will be to look further into cylindrical projection, and the technicalities of what I will need for the projection to work.

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