Curved Surface Projection – My Attempts

After looking into the likelihood of me being able to borrow an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive for the duration of the project, I have decided to proceed with the Cylindrical projection Immersion idea instead. Although I would have really enjoyed learning a new plugin to create VR, it is not going to be practical. I also prefer the projection idea as I like working on tactile objects rather than a virtual space.

To experiment with projecting onto a curved surface, I practiced using a bin. For this, I used the visuals I have already produced and put the video into MadMapper. In MadMapped I resized and reshaped the video to how it would best look projected.

As you can see, the video only covers part of the bin’s curved surface, if I were to make the video any larger, the image would have seeped onto the wall rather than wrapping around the bin. This shows that for a full 360˚ projection around this object, I would need at least 4 projectors to project onto each ‘side’.


I also made a small-scale prototype of the cylinder (above) to demonstrate how I imagine the space to look. Even though I am not projecting anything onto the cylinder, the light from my room shows that I will not be able to project from outside of the cylinder at all due to shadows appearing inside. Furthermore, this proves that I will have to use multiple projectors from inside the space, to avoid lighting issues and to make sure the entire surface of the space is covered with the image.


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