Escapism in the Digital Age

Escapism is a way of avoiding an unpleasant or boring life, especially by thinking, reading etc. about more exciting but impossible activities.” (
Although I agree with this definition, I feel that in the digital age, this definition has gone a lot further than just merely avoiding reality. I feel it is more about making time from everyday reality, to situate oneself in somewhere other than their current reality, such as watching a fiction TV show or playing a video game. As fashion designer Iris van Herpen explains, “escapism is about the addiction of constantly escaping reality by digital entertainment”. I almost completely agree with this statement, however I do not agree that it is an addiction – most explanations of escapism state it as a “cause to ‘leave’ the reality in which they live” (Vorderer, 1996, p. 311), therefore meaning that it is not all the time, and only if something is triggered. Escapism can be perceived and explored differently by each individual, and some may not even think that they are escaping anything by exploring digital entertainment, so no ‘general’ statements can be made about it. However, I hope that the audience of my project could accept it as a means of escapism – the idea that they will be completely immersed in the music and audio-reacting visuals, it will automatically be taking them away from the other realities that surround them.

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