Music Visualisation Techniques

As well as the visuals I created previously, I have continued to explore the Trapcode suite and I have created a further four audio-reacting visuals using Trapcode Particular or Trapcode Form.

This video was made using Trapcode Form, I used the audio-react function of the plugin to link the music (Muzzy – Junction Seven) to the visuals. The effect in the middle was created using the spherical field layer, where I adjusted the strength to ‘stick out’ of the base form. When the new beat comes in, I then created a new camera layer and adjusted where the camera was pointing, to get a different angle on the form.

This is one of the second visuals I have been working with, it was based on a Northern Lights preset using Trapcode Particular, which I have edited to make it more abstract. The movement is randomly generated, and the glow is the one element that is connected to the music. I feel that this kind of visual would work best with a slower genre of music, so that the flowing movements of the visuals connect with slower/longer notes and chords in a song.

This is the third visual I have created, it is a simple spherical particle field, which reacts to the audio by dispersing the particles predominantly from the top of the sphere. This is the very basic form that I have created but it has the scope to be a lot more flexible and create really interesting visuals.


After uploading this video I even discovered the ‘Kaleidospace’ element of the Trapcode Form plugin, whereby you can put a mirroring effect onto the composition.

I then watched some further tutorials about the Trapcode Form plugin, and I was able to make this visual which looks like a distorting floorboard. I really like this idea as it can be the basis for many different music genres, as this can be at the bottom of the projection and I can create a main visual to be ‘floating’ in the middle. Using the camera on After Effects and the depth of field setting can drastically change how a composition looks – I think it works very well in this situation as I can imagine to someone watching in Virtual Reality it would look 3D.

I will continue to experiment with different forms of visuals to create different effects, because if I have time, I would like to be able to create a number of different visuals to match different genres of music.


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