Music Genres – Visualisation

Here I did a small experiment on myself –  I thought it would be a good idea to see what patterns I draw when I listen to genres of music, as this could help with my design process in regards to what visuals best suit which song/genre.

The first doodle is of a classical, instrumental song. I felt like the song was very flowing, however each change of note or chord made me draw a change of direction or new ‘squiggle’. I can imaging the visuals for this being very smooth and possibly long lines rather than shapes with any sharp corners.


The second doodle is of a modern rock song, it started off similar to the classical song but a strong beat was introduced, hence the peaks in the drawing. This was just for the intro part, when the chorus kicked in it became a faster, quicker beat. For this, I can imagine the visuals to look more like an abstract equaliser, so display these fast beats.


The final doodle is of a drum and bass song. It had a very long, slow intro (from the middle outwards) in which I drew a steady spiral. An individual beat was then introduced (triangle area), until the main drop happened where the spikes were then continuous for a while. For this, I can imagine something pulsing when the beat kicks in, then cutting to something a lot calmer when the song returns back to the low BPM sections.


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