Collaborative Work

Throughout this unit in our seminars, we have been talking and discussing our ideas within the group. Each week everyone would be given the chance to give constructive feedback and input into the project ideas of others. One of the comments I had on my idea was that I could think about music visualisation for people with hearing impairments – although I hadn’t specifically thought about making the project for people with impaired hearing, the project lends it to this way anyway. I am wanting the visuals to represent the music very closely, so I am hoping that even without listening to the music, it will be apparent what type of music is playing.
I was able to give feedback on other people’s work, and I like to think that my comments have helped other people’s work. For example, Alex Sisan (BoozeBible) pitched that he was going to have a search function in his app, this search function would show the closest pubs/bars to the user. My feedback was to make the search function more of a ‘filter’ system where the user could select the types of venue they were wanting to go to, and it would filter out anything that was not relevant. I suggested this because there was already a location based element to the app, so I did not think there needed to be two sections that included location.

In Semester 2 for the Graduate Project, I plan on collaborating with many different people, predominantly music artists and producers. I intend to get in contact with numerous artists and producers to ask for their permission to use their music in my project, I will also ask if they would like to have any contribution to how the visuals would look/how they feel their music should be portrayed visually. I think this could be very interesting to see how my views may differ from their views as it is their own music and chances are that they will have a pre-created image in their minds of how they see the music visually.

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