Immersive Music Visualisation
An individual visual experience in a cylindrical projection

To summarise my project, my idea is to create audio-reacting visuals, to display in a cylinder for an individual audience. I will be basing my idea around the theme of cymatics and bringing particles to life, with the theories of immersion and escapism at the forefront of the project. I will experiment with different genres of music, to gain insight into the different ways in which they can be visualised, and I intend to build on my skills of simulating 360˚ audio in Adobe Audition, to be able to edit an entire song so it seems as though it is surrounding the listener. I will learn as much of the Trapcode suite as I possibly can, so I am aware of all of the possibilities that can be created using After Effects. My research into other artists projects such as Projection Artworks, and groups like Analema will continue, to see if they give me further inspiration throughout my project. 
As my work will follow an iterative process, I will continually learn and build from any feedback and evaluation on my work, until I reach my final goal of creating an immersive music visualisation experience.


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