Projector types

To be able to make my cylinder and visuals all enclosed, I would need to use ultra-short throw projectors, like used in this example:

However, unfortunately, there are none available for me to use within the university, and they are very costly (upwards of £500 each) so I will not be able to purchase my own. This means that I will have to make my cylinder slightly differently to how I first imagined, to be able to project from the outside of the cylinder onto the surface. This way, I will be able to use a number of standard, normal throw projectors which I do have access to within the university.
For this method I will need to experiment with different fabrics and materials that allow projected light to be seen through to the other side, like the effect you get from rear projection:

The Cylinder – Initial Mock Ups

To help me visualise how to make the cylinder, I have made some basic mock-ups explaining the options I have, as well as a rough size guide.

Ideally, I would like to be able to make the cylinder like the left mock-up (more like a coil/spiral shape), because it is a more elegant and seamless shape. However, if this is going to be more difficult, then I could make it into an almost-full cylinder but leaving a gap for the audience to enter.
I have estimated the size to be 2m diameter, and 2.5m high, this is to accommodate for arms with, and for the cylinder to be ceiling height.
I then intend for the headphones to either be attached to the ceiling, or to have wireless headphones that the audience picks up when they enter the cylinder.

I send the left design to my friend Jimi Friel – a product designer – who kindly said he would help to turn them into a CAD mock-up, to be able to see the cylinder more realistically. These are the designs he produced:

Project Time Management – To Do List

My to do list for the project is as follows:

  • Make cylinder
  • Find the best music that will work best with visuals
  • Make at least 4 visuals for 4 songs
  • Book out and test projectors
  • Get 4 projectors linking together
  • Map projector frames around the cylinder
  • Decide on project name
  • Write didactic text
  • Create pictures to go on website
  • Make video/trailer for website & exhibition
  • Keep blog going to show thoughts and development

Other things to do in the time:
– Write essay for Industry perspectives unit
– Create and make live portfolio website
– Find relevant contacts to invite to the exhibition
– Organise the Exhibition Design Team to get website made and live

Graduate Project – The Making Of

I am now in the second semester of my final year of university, and this is when the making of my graduate project begins (and ends). I have many different elements to my project that I need to master – the making of the cylinder, the visualisation of the music, and making the music binaural. I will be blogging my progress throughout this project; I will be explaining every decision I make along the way so that the production process will be clear throughout.