Fabrics & Materials

To be able to have a rear projected cylinder, a suitable fabric/material needs to be chosen. Ideally the material chosen would be full width (to fit the ceiling height) and it would be able to be around 8m in length to fit the circumference of the cylinder.
Firstly, I took a couple of different fabrics into uni to test on a projector. These fabrics included curtain blackout lining, and 100% cotton sheeting. As guessed, the blackout lining fabric blocked the light and did not show anything through to the rear side, therefore meaning that this would not be a suitable fabric for my project. I then tested the cotton sheeting, and this allowed for the projected image to be seen both on the near-side and on the rear-side of the fabric, without it bleeding through to the wall behind, therefore showing that this type of material will be suitable for the build of the cylinder.

A few people mentioned to me about using polypropylene sheeting, however it is not easy to get hold of in such large amounts, so it would need multiple sheets, therefore creating a gap or overlap in the cylinder that I do not want.

Using cotton is cheap and easily accessible, so until I do any further research to find any better solutions, I will be using cotton. The image below is of the rear side of a cotton fabric, and the image can be clearly seen (although this was taken in daylight, so it will be even clearer when it is darker).


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