Kinetica Exhibition visit

The Thin Veil 2017.

On February 17th I visited the Kinetica Museum exhibition – The Thin Veil. I decided to go as I was already in London that day, but I left the exhibition hugely inspired by the works that were on display and the artists that had produced the array of works.
The works are described as performative and immersive, ranging from light installations sculptures, projections as well as holographic artwork.

The image on the left is an installation by Andras Mengyam; it is made from a sculpture made of out perspex shards, and a projector. The result of the combination of the two is that the projected image is distorted and reflected around the room.
Another piece of work that intrigued me was ‘In Vitro’ by UBIK Teatre (centre image). This work used a small projector and test tubes, projecting images of humans and plants into the test tubes; giving the illusion of entrapment. I liked this piece specifically because it shows that even a project that small can represent different ideologies to create impact.
Throughout the day, various workshops were running, so I went to one taken by Lorna McNeill about ‘Transforming from Stardust’. During the workshop, we were asked to draw and write about the evolution of planets. We were then shown her response to this journey through her light installations, that use fibre glass as the predominant material.

I wish to explore the work of Lorna McNeill further, as I was fascinated by the use of light and reflections to create sculptures.


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