Lorna McNeill

I was very inspired by the work of Lorna McNeill at the Kinetica Museum workshop; she uses a variety of materials and light to create her sculptures/installations, which are built to represent the journey of the Universe. I like the reflections that the light causes against the surface of the other materials.

After researching more into Lorna and her work, a theme of reflections begins to emerge, as displayed in the images below. The infinite colours and shapes that are formed when light is refracted through materials and objects is amazing, giving an almost magical overall appearance.

I spoke to Lorna after her workshop and she told me to get in contact if I ever had any questions about her work. I emailed her asking about fibre optics and the complexities of working with them, and she was very helpful in her response, however from what she explained, working with fibre optics can be a very complex and costly medium. I have ordered a small amount of fibre optic wire to experiment with because I feel it could add a new dimension to my project.

I am also going to explore reflection and refraction art further, as I would like to incorporate elements of this into my visuals.


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