Reflecting & Refracting

After exploring the artwork of Lorna McNeill, it made me very interested in the colours and shapes that are projected when a light source is refracted/reflected through a medium, such as perspex. When looking through the #kineticamuseum hashtag on Instagram, I came across two videos of what look like reflections but are actually light projection:

(credit: @johnbassamstudio)

(credit: @tendai001)

It is unclear who the artist of this work is, but I will be taking inspiration from it when creating the visuals for my project.

While looking at reflection art, I found artist Ela Boyd. Her work also heavily features elements of reflection and colour distortion through varying means of projection and holograms. As with the other examples of reflection and refraction art that I have seen, it is the colours and subtle movements – creating limitless shapes – that attracts me to this type of work, and is definitely something I wish to explore within my own visuals.


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