Fabric Update

After doing some more research into rear projection and the type of fabrics that are usually used, it became apparent that the popular fabric to use is a Spandex or a Spandex variant called Moleskin Matte (US) because these have a slight stretch to them, so they can be pulled tightly to create a smooth, clean surface for projecting. I understand that in the UK it is called Lycra rather than Spandex, so I searched for double width Lycra in the UK and could not find it anywhere. I also tried to get a large amount send from America, but with shipping costs this was not going to be possible.

Forgetting about Spandex/Lycra, I found out that Fabricland stocks both black and white, double width polycotton (which I know works from previous tests), so I purchased a sample of each colour to see which would work best with the rear projection of my work. Although both colours did work with the rear projection, the colours and outlines of the visuals were much clearer with the white polycotton. After this experiment, I will now go and buy large amounts of white polycotton for making the surface of my cylinder.


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