Visuals – Making the most of the full width

One of the main aspects of the project I want to make full use of, is the full width of the cylinder surface. I aim to use 4 projectors, covering the 6.3m circumference of the cylinder. The resolution of the projectors is 1280×720, therefore when I set up my composition in After Effects I need to make the width 4×1280=5,120, which looks like this:

The examples of music visualisation I did in the Developing Media Design Concepts unit were limited to 1920×1080, and a lot of spherical shapes where used to fill this space. However, because I now have such a wide space to work with, I want to design visuals that will fill the entire space and engage the audience all the way around the cylinder, not just in specific places. Below are some thoughts for the ways in which I can design my visuals to make use of the full width:

A visual that is a long line in the middle, so joins seamlessly 360°

Something that is along the entire width, possibly a waveform visualisation

Two visuals on either side of the cylinder working their way into the middle

A visual that moves around the entire area


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