Joanie Lemercier

Joanie Lemercier is an artist who predominantly works with projection and light within space, and “its influence on our perception” ( I have been following his work on social media for some time now, and everything he makes is so inspiring to me and what I am interested in. He was the co-founder of AntiVJ, so used to do a lot of work with projection mapping for large scale events and performances, however his focus has now shifted to projected light within space. One of his most recent and most interesting projects is ‘No-logram’, in which he makes a screenless, interactive projection. With this, he is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with projection – the light is reflected by the fine particles of water, giving a 3D dimension to the work. Lemercier also explains that with this technique there is no limitation on size or scale, meaning that it could be used in very large public displays.


Another piece of work from Lemercier that I find very interesting is his project ‘blueprint’. ‘Blueprint’ is an audiovisual piece in which multiple screens and projectors link together to create a large scale, synced projection, that is broken up into numerous screens. The audience can position themselves wherever they like within the installation, and they will still be surrounded and immersed by the visuals, because of the use of rear projection too. Im many ways, ‘blueprint’ relates to my own project, because although mine is meant to be experienced from inside the cylinder, audiences will also be able to see it from out outside, giving a sense of enigma and will hopefully leave audiences wanting to find out more. Similar to ‘blueprint’, my work is about the connection of sound and vision, and how audiences interact and interpret it.



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