Music choices

The music element of my project is very important, as I need to use music that is suited to having synced visuals. When I think of music visualisation, I either think of heavy drum & bass, dance music or more classical/slower tempo music. I decided I want to use music from people that I know for a number of reasons: to support them and their music, as well as not having to get permissions from music that has copyright. I know a drum & bass artist called Muzzy (, who has allowed me to use his music, as long as it is not being used for commercial purposes. I have also been given access to the music of King Tolla (, who has more of a slow tempo style of music. As well as these artists, I will be looking online for more copyright free music, so I have more genres of music to try out with different visuals, because all different types of music lend themselves to different styles of visuals. For example:

This music is down-tempo and classical, which suits this floating, glowing particles effect. Whereas music more like drum and bass could suit more of a waveform visualisation like this:


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