Björk Digital Exhibition

After having a meeting with my supervisor (Lucy Turner), she mentioned the Björk Digital exhibition that was at Somerset House last year. She said it reminded her of my project because it is also an immersive audio-visual experience. The Björk Digital exhibition involved users engaging with her performance through virtual reality, so they could hear and see her perform realistically.

“Björk believes that by offering a private theatrical experience, VR provides a unique way to connect with her audiences.” (

This quote links to my project because although it is not a VR project, it is a 360° experience that uses both sight and sound to give the audience the opportunity to fully engaged with the work.

Lucy asked whether I had thought about making my idea a virtual reality project, and I explained that I did explore this in the Developing Media Design Concepts unit, however there were many things obstructing me from doing this; mainly being a lack of resources as well as relevant tuition. I also realised that as much as I like the idea of virtual reality, I wanted my project to be a more tactile experience for the audience, therefore having a physical environment suited my ideas better.


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