Initial Visual Designs

The video below is a compilation of a couple of rough designs I have been working on, using the full width of the composition. These are just some very initial designs and need a lot more developing and depth adding to them, but it gives me a rough outline of the type of designs I want to work with.

I like the first design because it feels like a moving floor, however I need to work on making this more dynamic and for more displacement of the particles. I also need to add some colour into it and maybe add something to the top half of the screen.

For the second design, I simply changed the camera angle so that the particle field was flat across the Z axis, giving the appearance of waveform visualisation. Again, I also need to add more displacement into the visual and add lots more colour.

I really like the 3rd design of the moving geometric shapes, however I need to make it fill the width of the composition more and react to the music with more displacement.

For the fourth design, I followed a tutorial on how to make it look like the audience is looking through a tunnel. I like the idea of this, and how it leads the eye down the tunnel, but I am not sure on how much scope it has for designing an entire 3 minute long song.

I will be developing my ideas and posing again with the development.


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