Fibreglass rods vs Metal poles

Near the beginning of this unit, once I had decided on a fabric to use, I made a mini/rough version of the cylinder, using fibreglass rods and a small amount of white polycotton to demonstrate how the cylinder would work:

However, after trying to hoist the cylinder at uni and realising it was not going to work, I had to rethink what I am going to use for the main circle, because the fibreglass rods were not strong enough to hold the shape. The main reason for using these fibreglass rods was for flexibility and portability, because I did not want the cylinder to only work in one specific place – I wanted to be able to move it wherever I needed it to go. Due to this not working in the space, I have had to use something more sturdy, however, this means it is less portable.

I have chosen to use long metal bars, which will be bent and hammered into the circle shape, so hopefully they will stay in that shape and not collapse like the fibreglass rods. These metal bars can also be drilled into, to make holes to tie the fabric around, as well as tie string through for hanging/hoisting purposes. In the image below, it shows a close up of the metal bar with fabric around it, but also a cable tie holding the fabric into the right place.

I will be testing this new metal structure soon and will be blogging the update.


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