Connecting multiple projectors…

I booked out 4 projectors from the media kit desk at uni, and just before I went to collect them I thought – how am I even going to connect these together to display different outputs? My MacBook only has 1 HDMI port and my iMac only supports 2 outputs, so I needed to find a different solution.

I thought about using a HDMI splitter, but then realised that would repeat the same image 4 times, rather than different images. I asked my tutor (Liam Birtles) for help on this issue, and he gave me a few options: using 4 computers and sync the video playback over the network, use a raspberry pi video wall, or any other video wall technology. Ideally, I do not want to use 4 computers because this requires a lot of equipment that may be needed by other students. So that left me with trying to use video wall technology, however, I also asked my housemate (Daniel Radford) if he knew of any possible solutions, and he told me his PC supports 4 displays. The outputs on his PC are: 3DP, 1 HDMI and 1 DVI. The connection on the projectors are only HDMI, therefore meaning I needed to get connectors and converters to DP to be able to use the PC. Luckily, the IT department at Uni had various cables and connectors, as well as me purchasing 1 DP-HDMI lead.

So to test on my housemates PC, I had 1 DVI-HDMI lead, 1 DP-HDMI adapter, 1 DP-HDMI lead, and 1 straight HDMI-HDMI. We plugged them all in and opened an image in Resolume, and we were able to put 4 different images onto 4 different displays, therefore showing that this method will work for my project!

I am in contact with the IT department at Uni about providing me with a PC that supports 4 displays, so that I don’t have to use my housemate’s all the time, however if it is not possible to get a PC from uni, then I can still use my housemate’s.


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