Project Name

After deciding that I liked the name Synergy for my project, I mentioned it to a few people, who sadly did not have the same thoughts as me – they thought it sounded cliché and like a business buzz-word, which after doing some more googling on it, I realised they were right. I set myself the challenge of writing up everything I could think of to do with the project, and related words, to try and think of a new title:

Some of the titles that were a possibility, were:
– Particular Revolution
– cantusXoculus
– Candence Canvas
– Magic Lantern
But after a meeting with my supervisor, who suggested the canvas of the cylinder is almost like a ‘skin’, I decided I wanted to use that, along with something to describe the visuals. I see the visuals as being bright and colourful, therefore linking to the word ‘vivid’. Combining the two words to become ‘Vivid Skin’ gives a sense of enigma and mystery to the project, while also being obvious once one knows more about the project.
Next, I need to put together some designs for Vivid Skin for the print collateral.


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