Safe in Sound

One of the initial and predominant reasons for me creating this project, stemmed from my passion for live music and love of going to see live music concerts. For me, when I am at a concert, I am completely consumed by the music and what is going on around me, and for just that moment, nothing else matters other than the music and the atmosphere within the room.
Although I also love listening to music when I am at home, I don’t get that same sense of escapism that I do when I am at a concert, purely because there are so many other distractions that take my concentration and mind away from the music.

On 17th March I went to a gig from one of my favourite bands Lower Than Atlantis, and during their set, the lead singer Mike Duce stopped to talk about their latest album ‘Safe In Sound’ and why they had named it that.

“A lot of people use music as an escape. For me, I do my thinking when I go running, and I’ll have headphones on. I’ll listen to music, and I’ll escape. Whatever you’ve got going on in your life, for those three and a half minutes of a song it doesn’t matter. You feel safe in sound, that’s what the title means to me and maybe this album could be that for people. It could offer that escape. Just put it on and forget about the real world, you’re safe in sound.”
– Mike Duce

All these reasons combined, is the initial reasoning behind me making this project – I wanted to make something where people could listen to music with no distractions from anything other than the synced visuals. The idea was to merge the sense of being in a live concert, into the individual environment – the feeling of escaping forgetting everything else for that one moment in time.


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