Didactic Text

As part of the unit, we have to write an approximately 100 word didactic text, briefly explaining our work. This will go as a caption within the exhibition, as well as on our profile on the exhibition website. For inspiration writing this, I went onto artists websites including; Joanie Lemercier, Ela Boyd, Lorna McNeill, as well as the TATE website, and looked at the captions for their artworks. It was interesting reading them because it explains how they perceive their work, even though others may have different perceptions of it. After reading some of them I became inspired to write mine, and this is what I wrote:

Vivid Skin explores the notions of audio-visual performance through an intimate projection experience; enabling audiences to transcend their everyday realities.
The installation is formed from a suspended enclosed cylinder, and combines light-projected, audio-reactive visuals with suited music compositions. Multiple projectors are used to create a seamless, 360° vision around the curved surface.
Audiences are given the opportunity to enter the cylinder individually and immerse themselves within the sensory performance that surrounds them. The installation becomes a window into the world of escapism through music performance.


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