Future Development

Throughout the process, I have been thinking a lot about the scope of this project. Whenever I had thoughts about how the cylinder could be built or the materials used etc, it made me think of entirely new ideas. When I was researching ways to build the cylinder, I looked at gazebos, tents, marquees, which made me think that Vivid Skin 2.0 could either be a tunnel in which the audience walks through and it surrounds them overhead – like when walking through an aquarium tunnel – or it could be individual domes in which the audience could lay down in and relax to the audio-visual performance.
Below are some rough initial sketches of how these could look:

For future development, I would like to work on making it more portable, because I can see this working at music and arts festivals as an installation. I would need to create a cylinder that is study while free-standing, but also has the flexibility to be mobile. With this, I also then think it would be a good idea to create a real-time system for the music visualisation, so the video would not have to be rendered prior. This then leaves options open for further interactivity and immersion, for example it could stream live music from a festival and automatically compose visuals through real-time rendering.

I would like to keep progressing this project once I have finished, because I do believe it has a lot of scope and a lot of ways in which it can be improved to heighten the overall immersive experience for the audience.


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