Visuals – Development

This post is an update of the visuals I am making. Since the last post about visuals, I feel they have developed a lot and I have learnt much more about the software and its capabilities.

The video below shows a compilation of 4 visuals – the first visual (0:00-0:10) uses Particular to mimic the patterns and colours of the reflections that I have been taking inspiration from. When there is movement in reflections, the intensity of the glow changes; this is why I chose to make the glow of the particles audio reactive. To develop this visual, I would like to slow down the wiggle movement as I think it is too fast at the moment, and I would also like to decrease the intensity of the glow because sometimes it burns out too bright.

The second video (0:10-0:17) uses the visuals I created for my dissertation, but they have been amended to fit the shape of the composition. I have added two opposite visuals which react to the audio in many ways – the x and y position of the emitter is reactive, as well as the amount of particles emitted. For improving this visual, I intent to add more colour into it, as well as making it bigger to fill up more of the composition.

The 3rd visual (0:17-0:27) is the start of a visual that I am wanting to progress much more. It makes use of a 3D looking sphere that is reflecting light, it then displaces in time to the music. I still need to tweak the audio reaction as it is slightly jumpy, as well as tweaking the surface of the sphere so it it completely smooth and does not have ridges in it.

The final visual on the video (0:27-0:41) makes use of Trapcode Form to make the visual look like a particle field. This is a development from the visuals in my Initial Visual Designs post; I have included the use of vibrant colours, as well as making full use of the camera tool to create movement and depth within the composition.

I still have a lot of development to do with these visuals but I am happy with how they are looking at the moment, and I am confident that I can change them a lot to improve the overall look.


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