Hardware and cabling

After figuring out that the simplest way for me to use 4 projectors was to use a PC that supported 4 outputs, my tutor (Liam Birtles) got in touch with IT at the university to ask whether they had a PC that would meet my requirements. They kindly said that they would build a PC for me with a 4 output video card. The PC has an NVIDIA Quadro M4000 graphics card inside, which has 4 Displayport outputs:

The projectors that I am lending out are all HDMI input, therefore I needed to get the right cables for the project – either HDMI-Displayport cables, or straight HDMI leads with a HDMI-Displayport adapter. Due to the sheer size of the project, I also needed to get cables that are long enough to stretch from the PC to the far side of the cylinder – approx 8-10㎡. These are the leads I ended up using:

1x 1.5m Displayport-HDMI cable
1x 5m HDMI cable with Displayport-HDMI adapter
2x 10m HDMI cable with Displayport-HDMI adapter

IT have also given me a transmitter, in case I need to go further than 10m.

The circumference of the cylinder is approx 6.3m, therefore each of the 4 projectors needs to project a throw of approx 1.6m wide. When rehearsing, I measured that to get a 1m wide throw on the surface, the projector needs to be approx 1.50m away, therefore, I need my projectors have around 3m throw distance to project the size I need.

Because I want the audio to be listened via headphones, I ordered wireless/bluetooth headphones. I did not realise that most PC’s do not have bluetooth capabilities, so I then had to purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle to be able to use the headphones.

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