Hanging of Cylinder – 1st Iteration

Once the flooring was all cut to size, we set up the cylinder to test at home. We have wooden beams running through our family room, so we were able to set it up by attaching string to the D-rings on the cylinder, and tie them around the beams and other attachments within the house. We were able to get the cylinder quite taut and was able to test a projection onto it:

We then dissembled it to take it to uni to set up in the space I had been allocated for rehearsing. When we got there, the ceiling was a lot higher than i’d thought, and there wasn’t many things on the walls/surrounding areas to attach it to, other than a hook for a projector in the middle of the ceiling. We went off and purchased a carabina clip, so that we could attach string to all of the D-rings, and collect them together around the clip, and then hook this to the ceiling. However, when we did this, the fibreglass rods we were using were bending in strange places and we could not get the fabric taut:

We realised this was to do with the physics of optimum height/width for hanging, as well as the fibreglass rods being too flexible. Again, we dissembled the cylinder and I am going to try making it with more sturdy rods/metal instead.


Flooring of Cylinder

About using carpet, but found flooring instead – use pictures of setting up, cutting and inside cylinder

To weight down my cylinder and make it taut, I wanted to find some sort of carpet to fill the bottom, so I went to the local carpet shop to ask if they had any large off-cuts of carpet – the owner sent us to their skip to see what we could find. We did not find any suitable carpet, however, we did find a large amount of tongue and groove flooring that was going to waste. With the help of my mum and sister, we pulled out a large amount of this flooring – enough to make a 2m diameter circle.

When we got home, we laid out all of the flooring upside down and marked out the circle:

We then cut out this circle using a jigsaw and taped together pieces if there two pieces were used in the same row, as to not lose/get pieces confused:

The flooring then fit nicely into the base of the cylinder.