Limitations and overcoming them

Throughout the journey of this project so far I have come across many limitations that have halted the flow of my work, but I have always been able to overcome them, meaning I learnt a lot more than if everything were to run smoothly.

The main limitation I came across was the room that I have been given access to for building and rehearsing – I did not think that the the room would be big enough for me to evenly spread the projectors around the cylinder, therefore meaning I might not be able to get a completely 360° visual. However, after a lot of moving around and tweaking, I was able to get a nearly even spread around the cylinder, meaning I could get a 360° visual displaying on the surface.

Another very large factor that has affected my work flow, is that I only have access to this room between the hours of 5-8pm, which is after all technical support have gone home. This was an issue for me because I wanted to work over a weekend, however I had a technical issue in which I had no network connection, and therefore could not work on rehearsing my project over that weekend because I could not get technical help. I overcame this issue by re-evaluating my to-do list and re-arranging the time that I had planned, so instead of rehearsing that weekend, I spent the time progressing with my visual designs.

Another major limitation I had, was that I was using a corded mouse and therefore could not see around the other side of the cylinder for setting up the displays. My friend then told me about Team Viewer which allows for one display to be linked with another device wirelessly ie. a phone, tablet or a laptop. So we set up Team Viewer on my friends phone to essentially use that as a mouse for setting up the displays, and then transferred this onto my laptop for controlling the videos once the displays were set up. (Laptop shown in image above and phone controller shown in image below)

Although I have had many limitations along the way, I have managed to find solutions to all problems and to overcome these limitations to be able to produce a finished product.


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