Artist Research – Karma Fields | The HEX

Throughout the journey, I have come across more and more work that inspires me and my project. When speaking to Muzzy (music producer) about using his music for my project, he mentioned the event ‘Karma Fields Live’ from Monstercat as he said it reminded him of my project. I had not heard of Karma Fields before he mentioned it, and after watching some videos I can see that some aspects can be linked with my project. Karma Fields Live makes use of a transparent Hexagon for displaying a 360° visual surrounding a DJ. From an initial look, Karma Fields and Vivid Skin could look very similar, however the ideas and concept behind the projects are very different – Karma Fields Live encapsulates the DJ within the environment; making them the centre of focus, whereas Vivid Skin is about immersing the audience inside the structure. Karma Fields Live also uses real-time rendering to produce the visuals that react to the live DJ set. As shown in the image below, the audience surrounds the Hexagon, so this shows that my idea is still original as the ideas surrounding both projects differ from where the focus is; either on the artists or the audience.

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