For the creation of my visuals I have been making the composition 5120×720 – 4x the width of a standard composition. Therefore, I needed to find a projection mapping software that will allow for multiple displays. After some research I found out that for PC there are a few options – VIOSO, TABULA FaçadeSignage, Resolume. I tried using VIOSO free trial but did not realise there would be a watermark across it, so I was not able to use this. When trying to use TABULA FaçadeSignage I could not figure out how to split the composition across multiple displays. Which left me with using Resolume. Resolume is made for the purpose of VJing and live DJ sets with visuals, so it is the perfect software for what I need. The image below shows Resolume in use with my project – it allows me to select the area that I want projected from each different output, meaning that I can create a seamless visual around the cylinder.

It also allows me to save this mapping set up that I have created, so for the next time I set up the project, I do not have to re-map it all again – I can simply re-open the saved file and set up the projectors again.

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