Final Visuals

Here are the 5 final visuals that I have made for my graduate project – Vivid Skin. These visuals will be projected around the cylinder to create a seamless, 360 performance for audience members to engage with from inside the cylinder.

Visual 1 – The Falling Tree

The Falling Tree is a song by King Tolla  ( – an artists who is friends with my housemate. He has given me permission to use his music within my project. This visual was made using Trapcode Particular to simulate some of the patterns and colours that occur within reflection and refraction of light. A random wiggle expression has been applied to the emitter, and the glow on the particles is audio reactive. When layers of particles overlap, the glow becomes brighter.

Visual 2 – Pianomoment

Pianomoment is a song from Bensound, an online artist that creates royalty free music. I chose this song based on the feedback from my dissertation exhibition whereby one audience member said they would like to see the work I did (FLUIDITY) with classical music. I recreated this very similarly to the visual that I made for my dissertation, adding in another emitter to make to opposing visuals – I also added plenty of colour into the composition to make sure it can be seen clearly when projected, and I also like the effect of when the colours of the particles blend into one another. Initial inspiration for FLUIDITY was taken from this video.

Visual 3 – Whats It Gonna Be

Whats It Gonna Be is a song produced by DE$iGNATED – the are a duo that I went to school with who have given me permission to use their music within my project. I made this visual to be a reactive particle field because I feel that each individual particle looks like a light, which is reflected in the work of Lorna McNeill when she uses fibre optics. The lines of lights bend and disperse in the same way that fibre optic cables do. I then made full use of the camera function to make the composition more dynamic to lead the audience’s eyes around the cylinder.

Visual 4 – Lost Metropolis

Lost Metropolis is a song by the Artist Muzzy. Muzzy is a friend of mine from school who kindly said I could use have permission to use his music for my project. This visual makes use of 3 spheres that float around in space when the tempo of the music is slower, and then they become stationary and pulse/disperse when the beat of the song kicks in. I wanted to make a visual that looked more 3D so that when it is projected on the cylinder, it gives the effect that it could be beyond the surface.

Visual 5 – Cleopatra

Cleopatra is another song by DE$iGNATED – I made this visual after I did my filming because I wanted to use Trapcode Mir. I made the visual react to the music in a way that makes the lowpoly field seem like it is bouncing, as this replicates how the song makes me feel when listening to it. Much like Whats It Gonna Be, I made full us of colour and camera angles to make it dynamic and to lead the eyes of the audience around the cylinder.

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