User Response

Due to the problems I had when building my design in the public space, I was not able to test my work on many people; only people who had helped me with filming and testing along the way. So from the people who had seen my work, here are some of the responses:

“It’s interesting to see how code inputted on Processing/Arduino can create a 3D installation”

“I liked how it was displayed as you could get close to it and see how the liquid behaved both from the top as well as the sides”

“It was intriguing to see something different from other projects which made it stand out for me and probably would do for anyone else walking by too who would normally just see things on a screen”

“I found it created an enigma at first which drew me into it and made me want to look closer”

“It’s good to see how the magnets worked with the ferrofluid, even though it didn’t completely work it still showed the process of how it could have worked”

“I really liked the effect the magnet had on the liquid; very eye-catching!”

“I liked the simplicity of the design”

I am very pleased with these responses and i’m sure if I had time to display my working design, I would have had even more responses and more variety of answers. I said in my Audience Reception Theory post that I would have my own intended views of how audiences would perceive my design:

  1. 3D installations are bringing design closer to real-life
  2. The ferrofluid is almost life-like
  3. Audience engagement is key to making some designs work
  4. Science can be very interesting when combined with interactive design

I am pleased that a few of these readings have been met – it is clear that the audience knew to look closer as it was a very ‘eye catching’ subject, and that they ‘really liked’ the magnets with the ferrofluid and found it like an ‘enigma’. So at least two of my intended outcomes were met, and if more people would have seen my final design they may have thought about the fluid being life-like or how 3D design is making things more realistic to the audience.